veronica + michael | couples celebration


i’m posting a sort of throwback this weekend, because my new site was in progress when these couples photos were taken! anyway – you probably recognize veronica – she’s a brilliant fashion blogger and model who i work with occasionally, but this particular shoot was not only for her blog (because twinning is sometimes not cliché!) but was celebrating a new phase in the relationship these two have. they’re now doing a slightly long-distance thing, but school can do that to people. 🙂

anyway – of course, their outfits are perfect, because she picked them out, but the locations were a bit more complicated. we decided to shoot on her college campus, but it turned out it was raining that afternoon! we had to dodge between raindrops, and get what we could before the clouds opened up. that was when we moved inside, and managed to find a laundry room. it was definitely not conventional, and not exactly what we had planned, but sometimes that happens!