peter | grad photography



there are occasions, where a shoot has to be rescheduled for one reason or another. for example – peter and i were supposed to get together to take his graduation photos on the 6th – buuuuuuuuut the midwest decided it was going to rain us out, and there was nothing much that we could do about it. we moved on to our rain date, and planned to spend some time together around golden hour. it turned out we chose the exact right time, on the exact right day – campus was surprisingly quiet, the light was perfect, and we were able to stretch things a bit further into the evening than we would have been on our original date.

all in all, it was a perfect shoot, with a wonderful individual who everyone can tell will go on to do brilliant, brilliant things for the world. 🙂 i had some significant difficulty choosing the “best of” to post here, so you get to look at a whole lot of peter’s face. :p