kaitlin | senior photography


sometimes i know exactly what i’m getting into when i go to a shoot – i’ve met with the client beforehand, we got coffee (or tea) and we talked about what they wanted. we made a game plan, maybe wrote a few things down – maybe we even set up a pinterest board together where we could post inspiration for the shoot. those kinds of days are awesome – i know exactly what i’m doing going in.

the day i met kaitlin was not one of those days, and it was even better because of it! we met up in the oregon district, which is one of my favorite places to take people because there are basically never-ending styles and themes that can be taken from the backdrops there. anyway – i was waiting for someone. i knew her name, and not much else, and i’m standing in this parking lot, and i make eye contact with a young woman, with fiery. red. hair.

the rest is history.