jorge | graduation photos


have i mentioned that there was significant rain this graduation season? well there was. it was pretty intense. i rescheduled this shoot twice, and we ended up going with a day it was raining anyway because basically we had to get it done. it didn’t end up mattering a whole lot though, because we explored indoor locations – we put our heads together and found more than enough locations.

now, for a little context, i’ve known megan, jorge’s girlfriend, for years. we had a few classes together, and it was great. so when jorge needed photos, she reached out. they’re basically the craziest, goofiest, most fun people possible to be around, which meant that shooting in the rain wasn’t a chore, it was an adventure. we managed to get some outdoors even though it was coming down out there!

we also went to the theater that they performed in – they were a part of the theater program while they were at udayton. and they brought props!