jenna + louis | engaged



jenna and louis met at the university of dayton, so they thought it was only appropriate we took their engagement photos on campus! although i have to admit, it was their cat (because yes, they brought their cat with them!) who got most of my attention. he was adorable, and was an incredible sport for dealing with our antics. i mean, he was on a leash for crying-out-loud. what’s cuter than a cat on a leash??

of course, it’s also worth mentioning that they were extremely goofy and so, so themselves on camera. one of the most fun things about our session was actually their questions – when we got started, they asked me what cliché images i’m frequently asked to capture, and then they specifically reversed the genders of those clichés, which turned out pretty funny, if you ask me. i had a wonderful time with these two, and definitely want to extend another congratulations to them both on their engagement!!