todd weidner | radio session


last week, i was able to spend time in the studio at dayton wudr 99.5 fm with dr. j, of your tuesday afternoon alternative (which you can listen to online every tuesday starting at 3 pm by clicking here). we were in the studio with todd weidner of shrug! it’s always incredible to get the kind of personal concerts i get when i have the privilege of working with wudr and dr. j, but this day was particularly special for me, because i am absolutely in love with shrug – you can hear their stuff and buy their latest album here: bandcamp.

i suggest listening to a couple, that way you can get a feel for what i was surrounded by while taking these in studio. obviously, todd was on his own during this session, so he was playing acoustic and we didn’t have any percussion line, which meant it was a really low-key hour on air, and i feel like that really comes through in what i ended up with after the session. also, full disclosure, we were supposed to actually be in the recording studio for this, but we had some technical difficulties! we couldn’t get the boards to talk to each other so that we could actually go live! this meant we ended up doing the session in the broadcasting room, which was a lot smaller quarters, and made for a really intimate feel.