i am a self-trained fine artist and photographer based in ohio. according to my mother, i have been making art for longer than i even remember – but obviously i can neither confirm nor deny that, since i don’t remember. i have two corgis who take up all of my time, and i love good coffee, books, and sunlight at 8:30 in summer.

i like to think that my work overall focuses on details – small components that mean more than we think, because those are what’s important. they’re what make us ourselves. light also features significantly in my work, as interactions between objects and light fascinate me, and when it comes to photography, light makes my work possible.

about my photography:
my personal goal whenever i’m working with a client, is to capture something of themselves in the images i take – so realistically, my portraiture, though it has a specific style, is varied in it’s presentation. i want you to look at what i give you and see a bit of who you are.
  • to follow my artistic journey, check out @gabriell.e.lizabeth and @brie.boltz on instagram or twitter.
  • my photography is available for print at << society6 >>
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